Projects & Service Development中文 | 한국어

Our aim is to improve access to healthcare services and improve patient experience for culturally and linguistically diverse Asian patients / consumers and their families. We have achieved this through an integrated, collaborative and responsive approach, applying best practice principles to accomplish the following over the last 2 decades:


Service Development & Improvement

Development of services that are more responsive, accessible and culturally appropriate for the Asian population:

  • Asian Patient Support Service [est. 2001]

  • WATIS Interpreting Service [est. 2001]

  • iCARE Information helpline [est. 2001]

  • Asian Breastscreen Enrolment and Recruitment [est. 2007]

  • Asian Mental Health Service [est. 2007]

  • Primary Health Interpreting Service [est. 2009]

Sourcing of consumer feedback to support service improvement and responsiveness:

  • Asian Patient Support Service : Consumer satisfactory surveys & DHB staff surveys [2011, 2013, 2015, 2017]

  • Asian Mental Health Cultural Support Service: Consumer satisfaction surveys [2010, 2014]

  • Mental Health Real-Time Feedback survey - translated survey questions to encourage uptake by Asian consumers [2014-2015]

  • Investigating causes of late presentations by Asian people to inpatient mental health services [2014-2015]


Collaboration Projects

Collaboration with primary and secondary health services, NGOs, Asian communities, academics, other stakeholders and partners on:

  • National Bowel screening – Video guidelines in multiple Asian languages [est. 2019]

  • Palliative Care Services (Hospices) – Asian cultural workshops [est. 2019]

  • Growing Stronger Together is the first activity book developed in New Zealand for children aged 5-12 years old being cared for by a parent / caregiver with mental or physical illness [est. 2017]

  • Advance Care Planning - developing regional guidelines for working with Asian clients and co-designing Korean brochures [est. 2012]

  • A Responsive Mental Health and Addiction Service Model for Asian People: Improving access for Asian mental health consumers [est. 2009]

  • Clinical Translation Applications Development [2013-2014]

  • Breast Screening programme - supporting Breast-screen Waitemata Northland to increase uptake by Asian women [est. 2007]

  • Asian Smoke Free Community Service Development [est. 2006]

  • Health Promotion and Prevention Projects: Seminars, Events and Health Talks [est. 2001]