COVID-19 Info and Support

Asian Health Services (AHS) offers an ASIAN Health Line (0800 88 88 30) dedicated to helping those in our community to access COVID-19 services and information. Bilingual staff and volunteers are available to help and provide relevant information and support in a range of languages.

COVID-19 translated resources and assets from the Ministry of Health and Unite Against COVID-19 can be found on the toolkit here.

“How to use a RAT” translated into multiple languages can be found here

Anyone can contact Asian Health Line (0800 88 88 30):

  • To book your COVID-19 vaccination

  • To find a local vaccination centre

  • For support and guidance on how to apply for a COVID-19 certificate and the vaccine pass

  • For support with booking the FREE in-home vaccination service with an interpreter

  • Provision of welfare support information (incl. people under COVID Care @ Home)

  • Provision of up-to-date COVID-19 information and guidelines.

  • To report COVID-19 RAT kit positive results

  • Medication support and delivery for COVID isolation at home

We are collaborating with different government agencies, local vaccination centres, local pharmacies, GP clinics and community NGOs to reduce the access barriers and provide better support to our ethnic communities.