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AMHS provides culturally linguistically appropriate support for the service users under the care of the mental health services of WDHB. AMHS covers the whole catchment area of WDHB - Waitakere, North Shore and Rodney) and the forensic service.

The purpose of the service is to improve access for the Asian communities to the mental health service, especially for the Asian migrants who have limited English skills and are unfamiliar with the health system. AMHS endeavours to provide a seamless service and to achieve positive experience of the service users and their families.

AMHS was developed in 2007 in response to the increasing demands of mental health professionals in supporting the Asian mental health service users involved in the treatment (recovery process). It was identified that the matter of communication and engagement due to huge difference in the perspective and expectation between of the clinicians and their patients had been a noticeable barrier to positive outcomes of the intervention.

AMHS utilises an integrated cultural bridging model focusing on the provision of communication and engagement service, in liaising between the clients and their psychiatric clinicians.


To promote the mental health and wellbeing of the Asian community

Our Mission

  • To promote and support the rights of Asian mental health service users

  • To provide quality mental health service

  • To promote mental health awareness in the Asian community

  • To create a stigma free environment