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Asian Health Week: Overview and Evaluation Report

Asian Health Week Seminar: Overview of Presentations and Evaluation Report

Asian Health Week: Overview and Evaluation ReportThe Waitemata DHB Asian Health Week held from 17th to 21st August 2015 showcased the latest research and information on the health status of Asian populations in New Zealand; as well as advances in preparing a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) culturally competent workforce nation-wide.

Topics covered during the seminar included the latest research and service development models in the areas of:

  • Asian Health Research - trends over the last decade

  • CVD/Diabetes in Asian populations

  • Lifestyles and Asian populations - smokefree; nutrition and physical activity

  • Asian mental health

  • Health of older Asian people

  • Disability in Asian populations

  • Asian refugee population health

  • Workforce development

Overall we had 123 attendees provide feedback and results showed a mean of 95% either agreed or strongly agreed that the seminar met their expectations with helpful content, enhanced and improved their knowledge. Attendees also reported that they had gained a good understanding of the subjects presented. In addition to written feedback, the seminar organisers received considerable verbal feedback from participants that the seminar was highly informative; stimulating and presented innovative models of care.

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