Projects & Service Development中文 | 한국어


Our aim is to improve access to healthcare services and improve patient experiences for culturally and linguistically diverse Asian patients, consumers and their families. We achieved this through an integrated, collaborative and responsive approach, applying best practice principles to accomplish the following over the last 2 decades:


Service Development & Improvement

Development of services that are more responsive, accessible and culturally appropriate for the Asian population:

  • Asian Patient Support Service [est. 2001]

  • WATIS Interpreting Service [est. 2001]

  • iCARE Information helpline [est. 2001]

  • Asian Breast-screen Enrolment and Recruitment [est. 2007]

  • Asian Mental Health Service [est. 2007]

  • Primary Health Interpreting Service [est. 2009]


Sourcing of consumer feedback to support service improvement and responsiveness:

  • Asian Patient Support Service : Consumer satisfactory surveys & DHB staff surveys [2011, 2013, 2015, 2017]

  • Asian Mental Health Cultural Support Service: Consumer satisfaction surveys [2010, 2014]

  • Mental Health Real-Time Feedback survey - translated survey questions to encourage uptake by Asian consumers [2014-2015]

  • Investigating causes of late presentations by Asian people to inpatient mental health services [2014-2015]


Collaboration Projects

Collaboration with primary and secondary health services, NGOs, Asian communities, academics, other stakeholders and partners on:

  • COVID 19 responsiveness - vaccination support for Asian & ethnic communities [est. 2020]

  • Breast screening support for Auckland Central [est. 2021]

  • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention workshop for the Chinese community [2017, 2020, 2021]

  • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention workshop for the Japanese community [2019, 2021]

  • Korean Youth Mental Health Awareness workshop [2017, 2019]

  • 2 Asian Youth Mental Health & Suicide Prevention workshops [2019]

  • The Incredible Years Parenting groups for Chinese and Koreans [2013 -2019]

  • Contribution to Population Health Intensive Week Research (The University of Auckland) [2018 – 2021]

  • National Bowel Screening – Video guidelines in multiple Asian languages [est. 2019]

  • Palliative Care Services (Hospices) – Asian cultural workshops [2019]

  • Growing Stronger Together is the first activity book developed in New Zealand for children aged 5-12 years old being cared for by a parent or caregiver with mental or physical illness [est. 2017]

  • Mental health awareness workshop for the Korean community – Korean Parents Evening [2013, 2014]

  • Clinical Translation Applications Development [2013-2014]

  • Advance Care Planning - developing regional guidelines for working with Asian clients and co-designing Korean brochures [est. 2012]

  • A Responsive Mental Health and Addiction Service Model for Asian People: Improving access for Asian mental health consumers [est. 2009]

  • Breast screening programme - supporting Breast-screen Waitematā Northland to increase uptake by Asian women [est. 2007]

  • Asian Smoke Free Community Service Development [est. 2006]

  • Health promotion and prevention projects: Seminars, events and health talks [est. 2001]