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Team Leader (TL)


Cultural Support Coordinators (CSC)

  • The core part of AMHS consists of three Chinese and two Korean bi-lingual staff

  • Qualified to help mental health service users in their professional expertise as social worker, mental health support worker, counsellor, or occupational therapist

  • Offer knowledge and understanding of the impact of culture on mental health, competent with the provision of socio-cultural assessment and advice on Asian cultures, and with the recovery process, as well as great knowledge about community resources

Clinical Cultural Consultation (CCC- bi-lingual Psychiatrist Consultants)

AMHS have three contract Asian psychiatrists (Chinese, Korean, Muslim Indian) who have extensive work experience in dealing with cross-cultural patients suffering from mental distress. Following a one-off clinical cultural consultation, these clinicians provide the responsible clinicians with comprehensive conceptualisation of the clients presenting issues.

Asian Clinical Psychological Service (ACPS)

This subset of AMHS provides psychotherapy. This team consists of contract Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellor who provide culturally and linguistically appropriate talking therapy utilising many different therapy models.

Bureau Cultural Support Workers (BCSW)

This service group consists of contracted service bureau workers to provide support for diverse Asian clients.  BCSWs are also bi-lingual and have a minimum qualification in Mental Health Support or have field experience in the mental health sector, understanding the impact of culture on mental health. They are capable with providing cultural advice, as well as familiar with the mental health system and mental health recovery process and community resources.