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Meet Our Team



The core members of the Asian Patient Support Service (APSS) team are bi-lingual and have qualifications in fields such as social work, medicine, nursing, counselling, health promotion, mental health and community work with enriched work experiences in New Zealand and overseas.

Our team members understand the impact of culture on health and wellbeing. They are competent with the provision of socio-cultural assessment, cultural advice and emotional support as well as clinical coordination. They can identify a client’s level of understanding about the NZ health system, can provide culturally appropriate support, and have knowledge about relevant resources and community agencies.


Team Leader (TL)


Cultural Support Coordinators (CSC)

  • 3 bi-lingual Chinese CSCs (Mandarin and Cantonese)

  • 1 bi-lingual Korean CSC


Support Roles / Contractors

The following bureau workers are available to support the APSS core team on a contracted as-needed basis.


Cultural Support Workers (CSW) - Bureau

  • 3 bi-lingual Chinese Bureau CSWs (Mandarin and Cantonese)

  • 3 bi-lingual Korean Bureau CSWs

  • 1 bi-lingual Japanese Bureau CSW

  • 3 bi-lingual Indian Bureau CSWs

  • 2 bi-lingual Filipino Bureau CSWs

  • 2 bi-lingual Pakistani Bureau CSWs

  • 1 bi-lingual Vietnamese Bureau CSW

  • 1 bi-lingual Thai Bureau CSW

  • 1 bi-lingual Indonesian Bureau CSW