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Asian Patient Support Service


Our Asian Patient Support Service (APSS) staff are available to support Asian patients receiving care from Health New Zealand – Waitematā's hospital and community health services with the following:

  • Coordination and communication support

  • Cultural and emotional support

  • Support to familiarise them with NZ health services / system

  • Support to access appropriate and relevant agencies if there are language barriers

  • Health promotion and prevention


Services Available

Asian Patient Support Service is located at the North Shore and Waitakere Hospital sites and provides the following services:

  • Hospital & Community Support

    • Inpatient Support

    • Post Discharge from Hospital Support for Patients

    • iCare Health Information Line (e.g. GP Support & COVID 19 support)

    • Cultural Advice for Health Professionals

    • Asian Breastscreen Support

  • Health Promotion & Prevention

    • Health seminars for the Asian community (E.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Indian health seminars)

    • Health promotion activities & events