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Asian Patient Support Service

Our Asian Patient Support Service (APSS) staff are available to support Asian patients receiving care from Waitemata DHB's hospital and community health services, where the patient may require:

  • communication support

  • cultural and emotional support

  • support to familiarise them with NZ health services / system

  • support to access appropriate and relevant agencies if there are language barriers

We also have an information line available to support the Asian community - iCare Health Information Line & GP Support

Services Available

Asian Patient Support Service is located at North Shore and Waitakere Hospital sites and provides the following services:

  • Hospital & Community Support

    • Inpatient Support

    • Post Discharge from Hospital Support for Patients

    • iCare Health Information Line & GP Support

    • Cultural Advice for Health Professionals

    • Asian Breastscreen Support

  • Health Promotion & Prevention

    • Health Seminars for the Asian community (E.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Indian health seminars)

    • Health Promotion Activities & Events